2ada87eFor those of you inclined to think about graphic design, this article is for you. Not too long ago I published an article on LinkedIn called,“Fonts and Imagery – Customers Pay Attention To Them More Than You Think.”I know artists put their heart and soul into their design and sometimes it can be difficult to have someone add their two cents… good or bad. Regardless of the critique, I challenge you to think about your customer when choosing fonts and images, don’t just pick one because you think it works.

Additionally, use your imagination when looking at print ads. By turning them on their side and upside down, you instantly provide a different look and a unique perspective. It also gives you a different idea of how you can integrate this into your next variation of a print ad, brochure, web design or video. Better yet, if you are performing this exercise to help elicit new ideas for photo and text treatments, the design variations you see when turning ads on their side will create other options. Photo and text are two things that are valuable design elements. However, when looking at them normally they, well… look normal. Once you turn them around, the text is now vertical, and the photo is too. Within seconds you have a new layout idea. The cool thing is, you can take on part of this new layout idea or all of it and roll it into your next creation.

The next time you are struggling to come up with a new idea for your marketing, look at things differently and use your imagination. Think about your customer, then, turn your designs upside down and sideways. You will be surprised at what you discover.

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