11b4ddfWe know this wonderful thing called the world wide web has transformed life as we know it for businesses and marketers. But did you know that search engine optimization (SEO), has now teamed-up with video content to make it even more searchable then ever? In that past, marketers struggled, trying to get their videos more exposure. The most common places to get viewers was at trade shows, on DVDs, in retail displays and of course on broadcast television. All of those still exist. However, now you have global reaching power because you are equipped with SEO by your side in tandem with video.

Let’s take a look at why Google could be your best friend if you are trying to integrate video into your marketing strategy. It has been cited many times that Google favors video, and after all, they do own YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world — second to Google, of course. That should give you some indication why video is important for SEO rankings. According to Kunocreative

Websites and search results with video are automatically ranked higher on Google.”

Hmm… this is one reason why video and SEO are now on the seam team. Secondly, Google also knows that videos are everywhere, not just on YouTube and on your company website. They are also on social media channels and being watched on your smartphone sitting right in your pocket or hand bag. Wait, there’s more. SEO is not strictly about individual keywords any more. Yes, they are important, they just don’t carry the weight they once did. Google now also factors into their searches what’s called LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords). This is really just another name for related terms or synonyms. So start thinking about LSI. Steve Olenski author of 5 Unfamiliar SEO tasks marketers will have to conquer in 2014 had this to say.

An example of a semantic search system wouldbe pulling up things that are related, much like you see in the Knowledge Graph on the right hand side of many SERP.”

It’s not as much about keywords anymore — it’s more about relevance.

When videos are being produced, marketers have to pay more attention not just to their content in the video and who they are producing for, but also for the search engine requirements. Based on consumer trends , broadcast TV has now been overtaken by digital media by almost 45 minutes more per week. That should tell you that digital video and SEO are critical for your marketing efforts.

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