33745ceIn Part 2 of our series Video And The Modern Marketer, we want to build on the brand storytelling and SEO aspects of video.

Today we introduce social media and talk about the powerful combination of video, and socialas a team.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at a few social and video statistics.

Video Stats

  • Videos on Landing Pages Increased Conversions By 86%


  • YouTube Reaches More 18-34 US Adults Than Any Cable Network –HuffingtonPost
  • 80% Of Internet Users Recall Watching A Video Ad On A Website They Visited In The Past 30 Days – VideoBrewery

Dynamic Duo: Video And Social

With over 30 years of digital and video content, production and broadcast experience as well as being recognized with 40 production awards, I would say Barry Sikes, Executive Chairman for Definition6 in Atlanta has a unique perspective on video. I can also say from first hand experience of working with Barry, I know his perspective is not only unique, but also enlightening to those who work with him. Let’s see what Barry has to say about the powerful combination of video and social media.

Q: How Has Video Changed Since The Advent Of Social Media?

Barry Sikes:

It’s changed in the sense that anyone and everyone can create video content. It means that the brand has more connection points and it tests the brand’s ability to make their story relevant to a very wide audience. The brand then has to be prepared to take the feedback in and react in a positive manner.

Q: Has Social Media And Video Combined Created A Powerful One-Two Punch For Brands?

Barry Sikes:

“Yes, assuming the brand can take advantage of the combination. Some brands have done it very while others have been poorly executed.”

Q: When Social Media Was First Born, Explain What Your Thoughts Were As To How The Marketing World Would Change?

Barry Sikes:

“I think there was conversation that the consumer would start to have more impact on brand’s story. Brands had an avenue to listen to their buyers, be it good and bad input. I still think it is the brand’s responsibility to create their story and value to the consumer, not the other way around.”

Social Sharing

Marketers today always think about how to share their content and get it in the hands of the people that are most important to the brand. Pre-social media, this was challenging because sharing video content was not easy, it wasn’t on people’s minds as a good option, and sharing didn’t happen unless you physically handed someone else a DVD, CDROM, or copied and pasted a web URL and emailed it. Once in a while an email with a video link was forwarded to friends, however that sphere of contacts that received the video was limited.

Now that social is such a major factor in content distribution, many more potential customers are receiving content through sharing and they are also sharing it as well. Thus, more people than you may have anticipated are seeing your video message.

  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. – Concept5

Video’s Power

In my opinion most marketers would probably agree that some brands don’t take advantage of video’s power nearly as much as they should. There are also several small, medium and large brands that

produce, leverage and also integrate with social very well. Here are some additional insights on how top brands use video.

  • “In January 2014, 190 million Americans watched 75.6 billion videos – 61% of the ENTIRE US POPULATION.” – Shutterstock

In today’s marketing culture, it’s no secret that video and social media are tops on the list of many brands to use in their marketing strategy. The numbers in the research above are a great indication of why all of us marketers need to pay close attention to how we can better take advantage of video and social together. Not many of us have it working perfectly because technology moves at warp speed and we can’t keep up, production costs can be high and companies also have limited resources to name a few. However, at least we have some ammunition to get started and pointed in the right direction. We also have some examples of brands that are doing it well.

Join us tomorrow for our final blog in the series, Video And The Modern Marketer. Part 3 talks about how communicating to our customers is more challenging than ever.

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80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days – VideoBrewery


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How top brands use video




Photo Credit: Paul Bica

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