00d6991-1I really think storytelling and search results have a whole lot more in common with video than most people think. Yes, video is a great medium to tell a story, I think we all would agree – Just take a look at YouTube’smassive following and viewership. Video also has this incredible magnetism about it that draws people in as they watch and transports their mind to the location that is in the video… amazing! Sight and sound together tend to do that. As video has matured, we have also seen an incredible increase in the usage of video online. Now that smartphones are equipped with high-quality video cameras and microphones as well, video is being recorded and watched anywhere a smartphone can be carried.

Video Consumption

It’s no secret, video consumption is definitely a hot commodity with users everywhere, on multiple devices.

  • 800% increase In the last six years in online video consumption – Craftjack.com


Did you know video is also a great tool to use to increase your SEO ranking? You may not have thought of that before. I have to admit, it wasn’t that long ago when I didn’t think about using video and SEO in the same sentence. There are a few things you can do to help make the partnership between video and SEO more effective than you may have thought.

First, create a branded YouTube channel and upload all your videos there. Don’t forget to add tags on YouTube, enter a title for your video and write a lengthy description that is chock full of industry keywords. You can take this one step further and solve your customer problems by answering them in the video. This is commonly done in a website FAQ section, but why not on video? Additionally, transcribing the entire voiceover sections of the video and inserting it into the “description” field in YouTube will provide your brand more searchable information. Don’t forget to add your entire URL in the description field as well. Basically, the more content you have and the more relevant that content is means your video and SEO together will be far more effective in searches than if you didn’t do any of that. These are just a few ways to leverage the powerful video – SEO duo. If you want and need more, here are more video – SEO tips that can positively impact your search rankings.

Instead of just providing some data, I wanted the opinion from a seasoned veteran and industry expert; so I asked Barry Sikes, Executive Chairman for Definition6 what he thought about video. I asked him to give me his brief perspective on the SEO – video benefits.

Q: Why Are The Benefits Of SEO And Video Critical To Understand?

Barry Sikes:

Proper tagging will result in better SEO performance and guarantee better view stats. A video can pull more views to the home site as well as create a call to action, more commerce or additional fact gathering for the brand.

Q: Why Is Video So Important For Telling A Brand Story?

Barry Sikes:

Video is the most compelling medium known to man. It engages all the senses and when used correctly can create a deep emotional tie with the viewer. Text and pictures alone just can’t create that connection.

Is a video helpful for brands when they try to educate and motivate consumers as well as guide them through the sales funnel?

  • 90% Of Users Say That Seeing A Video About A Product Is Helpful In The Decision Process – digitalsherpa

Hopefully you were able to gain some insight about video, storytelling and SEO. Join us tomorrow as Video and The Modern Marketer – Part 2 talks about the powerful combination of video and social media.

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