100a33fFor 27 years I have produced videos. It all started in broadcast television, shifted to corporate communications and marketing, then for interactive agencies and clients, and finally shifted again to producing almost exclusively online for higher-Ed. From a modern brand marketer’s perspective, video has stood the test of time even when other media has not.

Photo Credit: Paul Bica

In my quest to come up with answers to questions that have been swirling around my head for years, I decided to reach out to a seasoned veteran; Barry Sikes, Executive Chairman for Definition6 in Atlanta. I had the privilege of asking some questions to Barry to get his perspective. It’s not a fireside chat. It’s a three part series all about video.

Join me for Video and The Modern Marketer as I hope to paint a clearer picture about how video is used and maximized in today’s digitally-crazed marketing world.

LinkedIn: (3 Part Series)

Part 1 – Friday, June 20 – Video, Storytelling and SEO

Part 2 – Saturday, June 21 – The Powerful Combination of Video and Social Media.

Part 3 – Sunday, June 22 – Communicating To The Customer

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