For you video producers out there who want to show-off your stuff with minutes of great content, STOP, rewind and start again. What I really mean is, produce great content, but do it with short video snippets, not lengthy videos.

As a former award winning video producer, I enjoyed producing long format videos. At one point in time, that was the best way to communicate the message. Today, long format just isn’t effective as it once was and short videos have taken over.

According to TheVideoEffectTV, online viewers are not watching lengthy videos like you may think they are. 20-seconds or less appears to be the magic time limit before a large percentage of viewers drop off

89.61% watch videos that are :10 or less
80.41% watch videos that are :20 or less
66.16% watch videos that are :30 or less
46.44% watch videos that are :60 or less

Viewers are watching a lot of video online, there is definitely no question about that. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. However, If a video is perceived as being too long, the viewer will simply move on. Seriously?

Video duration used to be measured in terms of minutes, now it appears that it’s measured in terms of seconds. That should give you a clear indication that when you decide to produce a marketing video, make it as short as possible. Today’s viewers have little to no attention span and it appears to be decreasing. This is happening all while mobile views are increasing. Hmm… what does all this mean? It means, a lengthy video can be a deterrent because the viewers tend to drop off quickly the longer the video. is designed to look at digital with an eye into the future using a creative, innovative marketing perspective. We’re a consultative and tactical resource for companies looking to leverage the power of digital, social and content marketing strategies.
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Online Video Attention Span – How long should a video production be?

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