1313f27The web conversion and customer path I believe is not thought about enough in order to produce a conversion efficiently. There are way too many X-factors that make it confusing. HubSpot boils it down to 5 simple components that will get you started on the right path (no pun intended)

Here’s what HubSpot says is best in order to create an effective conversion path.

1. A Call-To-Action

2. A Landing Page

3. A Form

4. A Thank you Page

5. A Confirmation Email

A conversion expert I am not. However, I do know that the customer path is critical if you don’t want to leave money on the table and customers frustrated without answers. Usually, companies don’t always think about the critical elements of customer conversion, and they should be the first things you think about. I would like to add another to the list that I feel is very important. The landing page cannot be littered with lots of other links, tons of information and media. This can be a major distraction to your customer. Make sure that you don’t put so much on your landing page so the user that you worked so hard to get to the page doesn’t know what to do next. Remember, your landing page is not a full-featured website with 100 links to other places. The goal is to capture the lead quickly and easily without too much customer thought.

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Source: HubSpot

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