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Recently I had someone reply to one of my blogs called Great Marketing Starts With A Foundation, and they asked a great question about brand distinctives and value proposition. With that being said, what is the real difference? or is there a difference? Hmm…

Distinctives are attributes, characteristics, products and/or services that are unique to that company. Basically, they are what your company has and nobody else has it. That’s why it’s distinctive to your company.

Value proposition is really what attracts customers to the brand. The attraction mechanism can be a distinctive or not. So the real difference is one is 100% unique and a value proposition is not always unique (however, it can be). Additionally, part of the value proposition also answers the question, why do we exist?

Both distinctives and value proposition are critical to understand and implement into your marketing strategy. Without these, a marketing strategy has very little direction and clarity. is a digital marketing consultancy that works with businesses big and small to solve their most difficult questions surrounding digital, brand development and generating qualified leads.

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