When brand meets customer talks about the breakdowns that occur in the marketing channels that cause a less than stellar brand experience for the customer. As you know,  the customer touch point is comes in a variety of forms, sometimes the marketer only thinks about the ones they are producing today or this week. But what about the touch points that were created last week, last month, or last year? If you’re not paying attention, little things appear in the customer experience and you won’t notice them, but your customer will. Here are four items that typically rise to the top when brand touch points and the customer meet.

  • Consistency In Marketing Message: The customer instantly sees incongruities with the marketing messages. This sends the signal of, “the company is not sure of their identity.” This can also cause confusion with the customer. With significant competition out there, your brand can’t afford to create customer confusion. Be clear and concise with your brand positioning and product offering and call-to-action.
  • Un-Organized Brand Experience: If the customer does not feel the brand experience is organized and streamlined, that tends to create a feeling of being not being cared for as a prospective customer. If the customer doesn’t feel that your brand has it together, they will most likely move on to another option in the marketplace.
  • Lack Of Customer Knowledge And Insight: With technology being integrated into the entire marketing process and big data providing big results, it also means your competition has access to the same intelligence information you do. If your brand is not providing a personalized experience, that means you’re behind the eight ball. It also means your business development team does not have the data to make more informed decisions. This also can translate to the business development team not following-up in a timely manner and not being well informed about the customer’s needs. Lack of knowledge and insight is a dangerous place to be as a brand.
  • Slow In Decision Making: When your competition is beating you to market with new products and services, your customer notices this. Don’t forget, customers are intensively savvy nowadays and they conduct a great deal of research online prior to contacting a business development professional. This research can bring them in contact with your brand as well as all of your competitors. If you’re not launching new products and services and getting the word out to your customers, that means, your competition beat you to it. That’s not good. It never hurts to be the first one to market. You will always have a fighting chance, even if your product is not perfect.

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