29684fbHave you ever wondered if there was a place where you could go to instantly get ideas for marketing?

I have the perfect place. The funny thing is, you probably have been there many times and didn’t know it. This place has lots of people, it’s probably not too far from where you live and work, and has a wonderful display of marketing ideas.

The next time you need to go shopping at the mall, make sure you’re ready to capture some killer ideas. Your video and photo camera on your smartphone will become your best friend. Here are 15 reasons why the mall has killer marketing ideas.

  • Lots of signage and marketing messages designed to promote the product and tease the customer
  • Social Media and hashtags: You will see social channels promoted, the use of hashtags on signs, stores asking you to “like” them
  • Text messaging is used to get the customer connected to the store and also used to receive discounts
  • The mall typically has lots of signs of stores promoting their website and/or ecommerce options for the customer once they leave the mall
  • Videos on flat screens are used extensively to capture the shopper’s attention
  • The store is aware of the customer path. They design their marketing by directing the customer with merchandising placement and signage so that the merchandise with the highest margin is seen first.
  • Store staff usually greets each customer, welcoming you to the store. This creates a warm feeling with the customer and makes them more willing to buy in the store and not want to wait
  • Print coupons are used extensively and they are handed out to the customers as they walk in to the store or even placed at the register
  • The all-important call-to-action is usually seen in the signage that is placed in the window of the store, hanging on the ceiling of the mall or on the videos being played
  • Malls showcase hundreds and thousands of design options all in one place. You will see different uses for fonts, colors, layout and design
  • Photography is also used on the signage to capture your attention and entice you to buy now
  • Lighting is a very important component when designing a store’s look and feel. Take a look at the positioning, type of lights used, the intensity of the light, where it is shining and even how sexy the light fixture is. All of this plays a huge role in making the customer feel welcome and want to shop at that store.
  • Music is also a key component that gets shoppers excited and makes them like shopping. Typically the music is upbeat and makes shoppers feel younger. This feeling creates the urge to buy.
  • Merchandising: As I mentioned earlier, the positioning and display of product and signage is critical. Sometimes the merchandising starts outside the doors of the store with people, signs, merchandise and ways to draw you in the door.
  • Floor decals: This has become more popular over the last 5 years. Now the decals are promoting not only the product, but the store that’s in the mall. It’s a great way to entice the shoppers to come in and buy now.

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