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If you are a part of a marketing team nowadays, the word dashboard is commonplace and part of the jargon that you verbalize on a daily basis. If you didn’t have a dashboard, doing your job would certainly be problematic to say the least. Today’s marketing teams most likely have several dashboards measuring digital activity. But what happens if you are like many marketers who are constantly bouncing from dashboard to dashboard reviewing data? Certainly there is a better way… right?

Marketing Dashboard Woes?

At one point in my career I have to admit, I had the dashboard woes. So if you’re a new marketer and you’re wondering how to make your dashboard woes go away, here are a few questions to start asking your team before you implement any form of dashboard technology.

  • What is your goal for using a marketing dashboard?
  • If your dashboard is to be successful, what has to happen?
  • What industry are you in?
  • What person or group needs dashboard information — CMO or Tactical Marketing team — or both?
  • What data exactly do you need to measure and how is it to be grouped?
  • How frequently do you need to report? — Or it is displayed in real time – or both?
  • What are you going to do with that information once you get it?
  • Does it have to communicate seamlessly with other business intelligence products already in place?

Dashboards To Consider

Here are a few solutions you may want to consider if your marketing team is currently not taking advantage of a business intelligence dashboard. Of course, marketing automation can be your marketing platform that includes a comprehensive dashboard. As a certified inbound marketer and HubSpot user, I really like what they have to offer, so they made my list below. If your team doesn’t currently have marketing automation and/or dashboard technology in place that is capturing the business intelligence you need, here’s a place to review many options. Additionally, here are a few I really like that you may want to consider.









Marketing spend on analytics over the next three years is expected to increase 83% – thecmosurvey


It’s clear that technology isn’t going away and marketing is far more than creative ideas. My suggestion is to assess your marketing technology needs annually to make sure you have the right platform in place for the right reasons. Over the past 5 years, marketing process has taken a quantum leap away from where it once was and business intelligence measurement is one way to get out of the dark ages and into the future of marketing. Just be careful not to let your marketing data make 100% of your decisions. You still need a human in place to add experiential and intuitive judgment.

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