Photo Credit: CC0 License, Pexels / Mike Birdy

Photo Credit: CC0 License, Pexels / Mike Birdy

Besides staying healthy, brand relevancy is important because otherwise your customers won’t feel connected to your products and services, and we all know that’s not a good thing. With all the important factors that are part of a healthy brand, why is relevancy so important? Brands that are highly successful (Starbucks, Amazon, Apple) have brand equity, and that equity is closely related to the quality of their product and to other associative factors that help drive the brand.

Some of these factors are quite simple to understand. But then again, putting them into practice is at yet another level that only select brands can perform well and sustain that level of performance.

Successful Brand Factors:

  • Persona: This is the type of person who actually purchases your product and uses it. Understanding their motivation to purchase tour product is critical.
  • Situation: How is the person or target audience using your product? Is their a unique circumstance or situation that needs to be understood? Yes. Dive into the real-life nuances of how the product is used and create a narrative to define the most popular circumstances.
  • Emotion: I like to define this part with a few words like personality, feeling or even the type of relationship the product has with the customer. This is more of a cerebral orientation to the customer and how the product makes them feel. There are several characteristics to this that all need to be defined.

The true meaning of brand relevance can be fuzzy if it’s not well defined. Marketers really need to roll up their sleeves and embrace why relevance is important to their market and personas. When marketing teams do understand why relevance plays such an important role, they soon figure out that the meaning of it is tied to the consumer perception of the brand, its strength and its products’ usability as it relates to their lifestyle. is a digital marketing and strategy consultancy that works with businesses big and small to solve their most difficult questions surrounding digital, brand development, generating qualified and business growth.

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Photo Credit: CC0 License, Pexels / Mike Birdy


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