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Today’s young professionals that fit within the millennial generation are uber smart and even more connected. That means they’re consuming and sharing information probably faster than any other generation on earth. They are also using their smartphones for a whole lot more than just calls, text and email. Take a look at what BuzzMG has to say.


  • 90% have purchased something using a smart phone or tablet
  • 87% use social media to find info and share feedback about brands and products



We were all that age once and we understand that the more mature and experienced generation needs to appreciate the younger generation’s strengths, differences and creative ideas. We must also take time to value them because there is merit to what they are thinking. Innovation simply starts with minds that think different, and today’s young minds definitely think different.


When young professionals right out of college are coming up with new ideas for new businesses that we haven’t seen before, that’s pretty incredible. We should celebrate this accomplishment not reprimand them for thinking outside the box.


I really like it when I see young professionals right out of college coming up with new ideas and new businesses that we haven’t seen before. Whenever I see this, I always tell myself to take a good look and try to see the value of their idea first without critiquing it. Then I can figure out how it may possibly work. If I am open to new ideas, I am able to be receptive to potential new ways that could possibly change our business for the better.


Young employees are coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things. The seasoned veterans on the staff can also add their experience to an idea to make it even better.


The risk of having a highly talented, young employee is when you the older employee do not value them and their ideas. This creates an unhealthy division between you and them and soon you will see that the creative minded employee is leaves for another job. You do not want to stifle their creativity because you will end up seeing fewer good ideas from them. In the end, that employee will just end up leaving your department or company for a place that values their ideas even more. The key point is, to take a good look at the young guns in your office and do your best to see what their talents are. If you can integrate those talents into your workflow, your business will be far better off because of it.

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Photo Credit: HubSpot


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