Why Has Video Become A Secret Weapon For Marketers?

Video has become so popular that even the behemoth social media channels have integrated video into their platforms. There are even exclusive video social media channels that do nothing but that. You know it must be good if this is happening.

mobile strategy
Do You Need A Mobile Strategy? Where Do You Start?

Executing the right mobile strategy can be a lot tougher than you think. Do you know where to begin? Here’s a few questions to ask your team to help all of you get started.

Young Professionals = New Ideas

Today’s young professionals that fit within the millennial generation are uber smart and even more connected. That means they’re consuming and sharing information probably faster than any other generation on earth.

marketing Customers
How Do Marketers Reach Customers?

Those of us who produce marketing content for a living understand that our job is not just about telling a story to engage the prospective customer just to obtain eyeballs on our content. Yes, that is very important. –it’s more about establishing content ROI and figuring out how to do that.

Is Your Marketing Stuck
Is Your Marketing Stuck?

Have you ever wondered why your marketing is not attracting the quantity of customers you need? “Where are the prospects?” you ask. As a marketer, this is a tremendous fear that many of us have when we realize our pipeline isn’t full of quality prospects and doesn’t appear to be attracting more. When you finally think about it with that little voice in your head, you know it’s time to figure out the problem immediately, or it may be too late.

Content Marketing
Why Is Content Marketing Critical For A Healthy Business?

Content has become noticeably more popular in recent years. You have probably seen on many of the social media channels the onslaught of articles, infographics, blogs, photos, social posts and videos all trying to communicate a message and compete for the readers’ attention. ! All types of companies, big and small as well as entrepreneurs, and consultants are producing content to let their voice be known, all while trying to carve out their own slice of the market. It’s a daunting task to say the least. What’s even more challenging is the marketer’s job of trying to capture the attention of the people most important to them and measure the efficacy of their content.

Why Does Marketing Appear To Be So Complicated?

Have you ever wondered why marketing seems to be so complicated sometimes? I mean, seriously.

Is Your Marketing Old School? What About Your Customers?

Your customers are really the best measure of how to gauge whether or not your marketing is old school or not.

20 Symptoms Your Marketing Is Not Performing

Have you ever wondered why your marketing is not attracting the quantity of customers you need? “Where are the propspects?” you ask. As a marketer, this is a tremendous fear that many of us have when we realize our pipeline isn’t full of quality prospects and doesn’t appear to be attracting more. When you finally think it with that little voice in your head, you know it’s time to figure out the problem immediately, or it may be too late.

Do You Have a Clear Picture of Your Customer?

Here are a few points I think are critical in order to get a more complete view of the customer. Maybe it’s not a 360-degree view, but at least a well-rounded view.

8 Tips All Companies and Sales Teams Need To Know

How many times have you heard this phrase? “Sales is a numbers game.” As sales professionals, your job isn’t to throw everything on the wall to see what sticks. That’s like making cold calls to companies or individuals who you know nothing about. You don’t want to do this just to see what lead turns-up. Your sales team will spend lots of time and energy time trying to find prospects, then when they think they find someone, the prospect is not likely to purchase. Do you really want your sales team wasting time trying to sell someone that isn’t a good fit and probably won’t purchase? Aaah, No. The answer is to train your team on how to develop leads that are truly qualified and a right fit for your products and services.

7 Reasons Why The Company Value Proposition May Be Off The Mark

Our brand messaging and the value the company delivers based on the promise slowly drifts away from where it needs to be. It doesn’t take long before we recognize that our marketing is so far off the mark that it is not effective.

How to Convince the Boss Your Idea Is Incredible!

Here are 9 great tips that will help to make sure you communicate your message clearly and articulately every time. Before you begin, your presentation, remember; go slow and leave room for your boss to ask questions. Sometimes silence and pausing can be very effective. That means thinking is happening.

Super Marketing Tips for Super Bowl Results

The recent Super Bowl was exciting because it kept the viewer on the edge of their seat for the entire game. As I watched I could see each team looking at plays, game plans, plays and data that help them gain an edge over their opponent. I am a big football fan so I enjoyed that aspect of the game. But I am also a marketer, and I see there are many similarities of a successful football team that relate to successful marketing.

A Peek Inside a Luxury Brand Manual

I have a passion for luxury brands; it’s in my DNA. When I spend time reading…don’t laugh, I read about brands, marketing, digital and innovation. However, I also read about luxury brands and see how they are producing their marketing. Once in a while I am told that I think like a digital marketing nerd. You know what? I am okay with that. I am a more intelligent, creative, innovative marketer because of it.

Disconnect From Your Smartphone and Rest Your Mind

As the new year ushers in a time for us to reflect on our past, it also allows us to think about ways to refresh our minds with new, creative ideas. Have you ever thought about temporarily disconnecting yourself from all forms of Internet, social media, apps, text, social and email?

Words Of Wisdom From Entrepreneurs

Words of wisdom from experienced, savvy entrepreneurs are like gold. Here are 10 that you will definitely want to adopt.

Marketers — When Is “Who and Why?” More Important Than “Where?”

Big data is a wonderful tool for marketers and we all love it when we can see past trends and even forecast with predictive analytics and consumer rich insights.

Innovation And The Unknown

It seems that companies are tossing around the innovative word like it’s a piece of candy to be chewed on and enjoyed because it tastes so sweet. Maybe some companies can innovate that way and actually benefit from the process. However, I am not quite so sure the innovation process works that way. I tend to think that the companies who launch a product with the innovative label on it are probably entering unknown territory.

Can Innovation Cause Inefficiencies?

Have you ever wondered what innovation, communication, collaboration, connecting and company efficiencies have in common? My creative brain was thinking about a few of these and then came up with this wacky thought. You know… I think I am on to something.

What I Learned As a Start-Up Business Owner

What I Learned As a Start-Up Business Owner describes the key points I learned that were instrumental to my growth and maturity as a business owner.

Does Your Business Know the True Cost of Marketing?

As a marketer, I think about the cost of marketing every day I walk into the office. Every list I make, every strategy I plot, every brief I write and every presentation I create all point toward Increasing brand exposure where I need it most. But how in the world do I know what marketing really costs and if it is working?

A Glimpse Inside the Minds of 3 Business Leaders

Have you ever wondered what today’s business leaders think about? How about what keeps them up at night? Many people dream about owning and operating their own business. However, they fail to recognize that running a business is not always a walk in the park. In fact, tough questions must be asked almost every day in order to keep the business running smoothly.

Healthy Brands Answer These Five Tough Questions

Here are five tough marketing questions with five realistic action steps that can help to solve challenging brand related concerns.

Where Does Your Innovation Strategy Begin?

Can a business innovate if it’s not trying? Have you been in a company where the word innovation is tossed around but there is no evidence of innovation?

Is Your Business Challenging Conventional Thinking?

Nearly every industry has a typical way of conducting business, and some are changing faster than others. If you know that your business has succeeded by doing things the same way for years, or even decades, it’s not time to celebrate and relax. It’s time to get to work and look to the future.

Business Executives: Gain Momentum and Keep it Using Digital

Executives don’t see that by taking advantage of today’s digital tools and participating in them they can begin to create positive momentum for their company.

Desperation Marketing – Time To Change

Do you sometimes feel as if your brand is desperate in their attempt to generate qualified leads? I have seen this periodically in my career, especially in the marketing agency world where clients are not exactly sure what to do or how to execute. As I spend time researching marketing techniques and best practices, I see that some brands appear to be desperate in trying to find customers.

Propel Your Content Marketing to New Levels

If you are engaging in content marketing for your business, you obviously know how important it is. As marketers, we are hardwired to be great content producers and also understand the tools and channels available. However, good content marketing is a whole lot more than just that. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie, your marketing content must be produced with a multi-purpose objective and strategy.

6 DON’TS of Marketing

It’s amazing how many tips there are for marketers. Because technology, the Internet, mobile and social are all changing at warp speed, we have to continually change with them. With that being said, it’s pretty easy to find advice on what to do. Hmm… after all, I am one of those people writing on tips and advice.

Marketers: Hiring Subcontractors? Here Are 7 Things You Need to Know

In the marketing world, whether you work for an agency or for a company, hiring talented subcontractors to provide bench strength is common. This can provide valuable skills needed to pull off a project assignment. These skills on your team may be either lacking in strength or not there at all.

Immediacy, Accuracy, Innovation – It’s Required

Businesses around the world are more connected than ever before. Just ask any company how many smartphones they carry, how many tablets and laptops are used, and how many virtual meetings are held with clients. On top of this, think about how many email, text and video messages are sent and received

7 Reasons Why I Am a #Marketing Junkie

I know, this may sound like a blog article that comes straight from a marketing workshop… but it really isn’t. Let me begin by stating, marketing was not a career I originally thought of when I entered college way back in the dark ages. However, after nine years of being in broadcast television,

Simple Tips to Create Increased Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a term that is tossed around frequently in marketing circles. I am finding out that even though many of us are using it in daily conversation, there is an element of confusion. This phrase has become more buzz-term friendly than user friendly. Let’s clear up the confusion, shall we?

Learning: A Continual Quantum Leap > Of Change

As a career long content producer and marketer, I feel my professional journey has been full of change. Years ago, marketing was far different than it is now. The tools we used in the industry were vastly different than the tools used today. Even the information that I was learning back then, now appears to be soooo old-school. I am totally dating myself… but you get the idea.

Is Content Consuming You or Are You Consuming Content?

Content is being published at record levels. Regardless of your interest and professional inclination. There is a great deal of content, and it’s right at your fingertips; accessed on your phone, tablet, computer or dare I say trade magazine.

Intuition and Big Data Collide

When I started my career back in the late 80s, ‘intuition’ was a skill that was greatly valued. It was used in marketing, sales meetings, to help acquire clients and creative development to name a few. Intuition really was only evident in someone that had lots of experience and wisdom. The most creative and intelligent people had it. Everyone wanted it — including me.

Start Your Marketing Strategy With One Word

Have you ever thought how much power just one word has with your potential customers? There are many companies that have developed and strengthened their global presence significantly by choosing to take ownership of just one word. The companies below understand how important one word is and how that word can transform a brand so that it completely owns the market.

Is Your Social Media Failing?

You’ve attended conferences, webinars, and workshops and even asked for advice from all your friends and co-workers, but your company’s social media just isn’t working the way you need it to and you don’t know why.

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