2cae75dErik Brynjolfsson & Andrew McAfee are the authors of the book titled, The Second Machine Age. In this YouTube video they talk about how businesses have many choices to make when innovation is clearly part of their vision. A quote from the video that really stood out to me as I watched the video said,

We can protect the past from the future or protect the future from the past.

That is the choice businesses have.

Brynjolfsson & McAfee’s philosophy is that as a business culture, we must protect the future from the past in order to continue to be a culture of innovation. I tend to agree with them because in my career I have seen and experienced companies that are afraid to make decisions because they are also afraid of failure. Why? Because there’s no data that supports their decision will clearly be the right one. Protecting the past from the future basically means, don’t take any risks – That’s crazy. Protecting the future from the past means, take risks.

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