0251cecAre you finding it difficult to feel supported in your ideation, even though it is for the betterment of the company? Well, you’re not alone. Recently I read yet another great article regarding employee innovation and having the voice and platform to do so. As Gijs V. references in his article, called Free Employees to Experiment with Big Ideas, many employees have incredible ideas but they do not feel supported by the company.

There are several companies that are not shy about letting others know they are innovating at the employee level. In fact, here are just a few that have internal accelerator programs or employee incentivized innovation programs, all aimed at generating new ideas. (3M, Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Nike and Proctor and Gamble to name a few). If sustainable growth is to occur, companies that don’t understand that these employees need to be heard will soon lose them. It’s sad to hear there are so many companies that are not using their internal resources wisely — those are the ones that will probably never see innovation.

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