15cbeedOkay, You’re only 3 seconds into this article and you’re already thinking about why improvisation is only used in music, theater or comedy and has nothing to do with marketing — Am I right?

As a marketer, we must be able to think quickly, translate business analytics and details into colorful messaging, words and pictures, videos… you get the idea. But wait, there’s more. We must also align all of these moving parts so that it all works together in concert to accomplish the business goal.

Don’t fall asleep, this isn’t a lecture on business strategy. I feel improvisation is critical for marketers because it’s very similar to some words that are creatively-aligned. (creativity, innovation, invention and concoction). In all those things I just mentioned, we cannot be locked into one way of thinking. We are required to think drastically, think different, and come up with wild and crazy ideas that nobody else does. Does this sound familiar?

What if your boss stops you in the hallway and asks you for your opinion on the upcoming brand strategy? What are you required to do? Come up with a brilliant response of course! That brilliance means on the spot thinking is required and everything that belongs to the brand must be thought about and articulated in milliseconds.

Improvisation is not just a verbal communication act. It’s a creative act that allows for an immediate user experience to be evoked. That experience better be sensational and in-line with brand standards. Marketers are required to not only think on their feet for themselves, but also for the entire company. It’s our job. We are the protectors of the brand and we take pride in our intellectual curiosity.

Did you know?

The word improvisation originated 226 years ago and a few related words are concoction, creation, innovation and invention. Hmm… sound familiar?

The next time you are thinking on your feet, think about the responsibility you have as a marketer to use your improv skills to push your brand to the next level. You’ll be glad you did!

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