19a703aIn my experience, innovation in marketing really starts with how you think, not how you act. In order to start off on the correct foot, you must get your mind right. That means, prepare yourself and your team by creating some structure. Wait, innovation is thinking divergent, different, creative and outside the box… right? – Yes, and No.

Marketing innovation has several stages which I have experienced first hand. These stages really work to help creative project teams activate their innovative juices and mobilize their ideas. Here’s an example. Recently, my team discussed some strategies and the word ‘innovative’ came up. Instantly I thought, “This really isn’t an innovative process,” however, I was wrong; it really was. As I thought more about this, I began to outline what really happens in the pre-innovation stages of thinking.

Read Scott MacFarland’s articles on Pre-Innovation stages on the Huffington Post.

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