1d88da1In my last article I wrote about10 reasons why I think 54% of marketers don’t have a digital strategy. Those are just my opinion, but don’t just believe me, let’s look at the data. After all, that’s what helps marketers make decisions right? Here are 10 facts that support why a digital strategy may not be happening in your company.

Source: Smart Insights

  • 37% plan by campaign not annually
  • 46% of SEO is in-house
  • 35% of Paid Search is in-house
  • 70% of Email is in-house
  • 71% of Social Media marketing is in-house
  • 34% of Display Advertising is not happening
  • 40% of Online PR is in-house
  • 25% of Blogging is not happening
  • 47% of marketers spend insufficient time on planning
  • 45% of marketers spend insufficient time on measurement

Now that you’ve spent 1.5 minutes reading facts about why digital strategies aren’t happening. My suggestion is, take a look at the reasons, both personal and factual, and plan a strategy to get around them. Do what Nike says… Just Do It, you’ll be glad you did.

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