33e9c5eIf we take a look at the most common marketing, advertising and media channels, I think we could actually come up with an educated guess as to which ones are more credible than others. I am no genie, so I can’t rub a magic marketing lamp to get the answer, but I can come up with some ideas that may trigger some thoughts in your creative marketing brain. Here’s a list of 30 common channels that marketers use to get the word out where it’s needed most.

Now here’s the homework: Answer these questions and give an explanation. The goal is to conduct a brief self-assessment to give you an indication of what’s working and what’s not?

Sample List Of 30 Media Channels:

  1. Web Display

  2. Social Media

  3. Web re-targeting

  4. Broadcast TV / Cable

  5. Radio

  6. Online radio

  7. Digital out-of-home (DOOH)

  8. Billboards: Out-of-home (OOH)

  9. Trade show displays

  10. Direct mail

  11. Email

  12. Blogs

  13. Inbox advertising

  14. Text messaging

  15. Roadside Billboards

  16. Mass transit posters and boards (bus, train)

  17. In-seat Airplane advertising

  18. Newspaper

  19. Magazines

  20. Gorilla Fliers

  21. Shopping mall advertising

  22. In-Theatre advertising

  23. Online gaming advertising

  24. Branded entertainment

  25. Sports Arena advertising

  26. In-Video (pre-Rolland’s post-roll videos)

  27. Search Engines (paid)

  28. Retail In-store advertising

  29. Taxi Cab panels

  30. Sponsorships

3 Assessment Questions:

  1. Which of the 30 media channels do you use for your marketing? – Why?
  2. Are you sure the media channels you use are the best ones to accomplish your marketing goals? – Why?
  3. How are you measuring the efficacy of each media channel? – Why is this measurement working for you?

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