Earlier in my career, I used to do a lot of work for companies that hired our agency to create interactive content for marketing and advertising campaigns. This was a very exciting time in my career, and I learned a great deal about how customers buy products and why. At the time, I was up to my ears in managing and producing content that created a “wow-factor” for my clients. At the agency, our hope was to make an impact that would cause our client’s eyeballs to pop out of their heads because they were so ecstatic! We accomplished this time and time again and earned many awards because of our creative work. Just because we created cool outcomes for our clients doesn’t necessarily mean they trust us. Or does it?

As a marketer, I want my customers to engage in the brand so that they buy. It’s as simple as that. However, if I do not provide content that is relevant to their needs, my brand will most likely not be the one that is purchased. Wow, this is tough.

Give Your Customers Something

Customers tend to buy products and services because they trust the brand and/or the people that represent the brand. So let’s think about this for a second… If you want your customers to trust you as the brand, what should you do? Hmm… how about this? Give them information they can use that solves a problem for them. Here’s an example.

Customer X: Is in the market for a small boat that he can use on the weekends with his wife and kids. These 10 things are very important to Customer-X in a search for his new boat:

  • He wants a boat that is easily transportable by trailer
  • Easy to use and operate on the water
  • Safety is important, so a boat that is built for that is critical
  • He also wants the boat to hold up to 4 people
  • The boat should weigh under 1800 Lbs. because of his mini-van towing requirements
  • Length 12-15 feet
  • Sporty
  • Good gas mileage
  • Low on maintenance (if possible)
  • Affordable

Understand Motivators

In order to give your customer information, you must be able to understand their motivators for buying. The above 10 items are perfect in this case. Now the question is, what do you give your customer so that they will trust your brand?

All of these 10 items are perfect content topics that you can write about or create other content on so that your customer will find your brand on the web, social media or your website. Blogs, landing pages, videos, social media posts and photos are all perfect ways to start. By using these to create your content, your customer will find your brand in web searches. Then they will read your content that is written specifically designed for them. Hopefully you have answered their questions and even solved a few of their problems. When you do this enough, you begin to inch closer to your customer and earn their trust. Your brand will be considered trustworthy and most likely one that the customer is likely to purchase.

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