Budding entrepreneurs who want to go into business are full of passion, energy and ideas. The most exciting things about starting a business are typically thought of the most, that means the other non-traditional items are left untouched. Hmm… having been in this predicament before, I can tell you, it is critical to make a list and devour every aspect of that list before you take the plunge.

“Can you work on your own?” is part of a LinkedIn article posted recently by Netanya Clarke. Sometimes you can be so busy getting set-up and organized, the little things don’t seem to matter or get lost in the shuffle. You probably say, “they will just fall into place.” Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. The latter is what I am referring to here. It’s the latter that is also the most dangerous.

Team Atmosphere

For me, working on my own was not high on the list, thus it didn’t pass through my brain to get fully processed.  All the other more pressing issues got dealt with first and I never had time to deal with how I was going to handle working alone. I failed to understand the magnitude of this when I first started my business. Then, when I realized it could be a challenge for me, I failed to come to grips with it. Yes, I finally realized that I get my energy from other people. I love working in a team atmosphere. This camaraderie fuels my creativity and my brain speeds away with new ideas. This boundless energy also drives my passion for marketing.

Working alone may sound like something very easy to deal with when you’re in business. After all, filling the pipeline, performing the work, and making the customer happy are much tougher right? For me, those were the easy parts. They came natural. My advice to you is that you need to think about all the potential areas in your business. Yes, even the non-product, non-sales, non-marketing, non-business things. Think about what makes you tick as a person. Just because you work well by yourself, as part of a large corporate team does not mean you will handle working in complete solitude once you open your doors with your own business.

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