323a550There seems to be a lot of press on innovation and emergent technologies. Just do a Google search for innovation articles 2014 and you will see there are 827-million results. If you have the time and the patience, you will probably find out that lots of them are focused on tech-related topics.

Technology as we know it continues to make huge strides in healthcare, analytics, communications, the sciences… yes, the list goes on and on. What does all this mean anyway? The concept is tough to get our arms around because it’s so foreign to the average person. The thought of innovation and technology is, well… more of a geek’s domain. After all, they rule the world now right? Many of us are only end-users of technology and innovation, not developers and creators of it. If I were to put a percentage on how many end-users of innovative technology vs. developers of innovative technology, I would say it’s probably:

99% – End-Users of technology and innovation 1% – Developers of technology and innovation

Since the percentage of users is so heavily skewed, why is innovation and technology getting all the limelight? How come the end-users aren’t getting some attention since there are 99 times more of them? I think if we spin this concept a little differently, we might be on to something. In my opinion, Innovation is all about the mind and the way we think, and not just about the technology. Besides, technology would never get off the ground and into the hands of the masses if it weren’t for the brilliant minds that are behind it. Here’s my thought.

Is it possible that innovation is not always a matter of money and software but a matter of creative thinking, behaviors and assumptions?

Since I am one of those creative thinkers, I am obviously passionate about this concept. Hmm…maybe I am on to something truly innovative!

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