233e8a5Most managers, yes, even us marketing pros are pretty good at generating new ideas. In fact, as a creative manager, it is usually a strength. In my opinion, new ideas are easy to come by. Getting buy in and integrating these ideas is the tough part. Generating new ideas can also risky.

In a HuffingtonPost article, I alluded to how intuition and big data collide. There is yet another collision on the horizon and it could lead to something that’s much worse than a bad marketing decision. Idris Mootee gives us a brief glimpse of his thoughts from his book titled, Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation.

Extrapolating from the past could only lead a company down a path the could lead to disaster

The collision I am referring to is when managers and companies solely rely on historical reference for making decisions. This provides a data set that reveals a narrow frame of reference. What ever happened to thinking about new ideas, and coming up with products and services that carve-out a new market? Is that concept still alive?

I don’t think a narrow frame of reference is what innovators are gifted with when developing the next new big idea.

Business schools typically teach business success and failure from a historical perspective. That’s great if we want to use those same tactics once used to make a company successful…10 years ago. However, the business world we are now in must innovate, look to the future, and not rely on the facts of the past to forge future success. It just doesn’t work that way anymore. Today, when the past meets the future, the future usually wins.

Maybe the best way to secure the future is not to get answers from the past, but to discover answers by creating the future in new and different ways.


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