I’ve been in marketing for quite some time. Okay, it’s been 27 years. Yeah, I know, that makes me old. However, with that comes wisdom and experience, and education just doesn’t replace that. With technology moving at warp speed and marketers even more under the gun to bring in qualified leads, it prompts me to think about one very important question. How are companies collecting data and interpreting it? Let’s take this a step further. If companies are collecting this important data, is it actually getting in the hands of the marketing team? Hmm.

What Skills Should You Look For First?

Most marketing departments today are looking to increase the quantity of their content creation for good reason. I say, before you jump in to that with your entire budget, you may want to look for these skills below first. Why you ask? Well, great content becomes even more effective when it can be leveraged with big data. When research is done, marketing content is a lot more powerful and more highly targeted. Need I say more?

As you know a marketer is usually talented in content creation for selling purposes, not data collection. Here are 10 skills that every marketing department needs in order to create more powerful content. My suggestion is to consider these skills in your next new hire.

  • Google Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Social Media Usage
  • Media Consumption
  • Consumer Path to Purchase
  • Researching New Markets

In my opinion, these skills lead to very important data. Don’t look for a writer, designer, programmer or producer type for your next new hire. Look for an employee that really knows how to research and crunch numbers. You know, someone that loves numbers, percentages and the hidden low-light trends. Who knows, maybe this new employee who is usually seen in the finance department will be sitting next to the graphic designer. Weirder things have happened in marketing departments. J

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