In the US, the original coupon was born in 1909 and was paper-based. Although this method still exists, the mobile coupon is what customers and brands want and need. Why? Because smartphones are attached to people 24×7 and usage is on the rise. Often, both paper and mobile coupons are used at the point of purchase for ecommerce sales. However, brick and mortar retailers and online e-tailers understand that mobile reach is critical to drive retail foot traffic, share of wallet and revenue. The mobile device is the vehicle to get to the customer and the coupon is the content that provides transactional consumer value. The paper coupon, which used to be an old-school tactic, is now used with today’s mobile technology. This method can tell the brand what offer is important, what time that offer can be delivered as well as when that offer is being used by the consumer.

Regionally the US is expected to have  a massive 93% of smart connected phones and devices by 2018 Source

Regardless of your business, a coupon can be used to drive online conversions, and customer retention or even help promote a new product or service. In a highly competitive market, coupons show value to the customer, especially if it is delivered in a timely manner with the right message. There are many ways to use a coupon and a mobile device is the perfect vehicle to deliver the brand message anywhere, anytime to virtually any person.

Mobile coupons are typically redeemed 10x more than paper coupons Source

When selecting Your Mobile Partner, don’t forget to spend some time researching your mobile partner. This is an absolute must for any CMO or CIO looking to dive into mobile marketing. I have experienced poor decisions when agencies were hired and they didn’t really have the expertise to execute what was needed.


“Finding the right mobile partner is important because you have worked too hard to win the loyalty of every single customer you have! You would not consider a partner that did not know technology, but knowing the mobile tech is merely the ante. To serve your brand–every day, on every connection–your partner must be a leader who has built the mobile competencies and customer know-how required to master mobile connectivity that drives customer loyalty.”        

                                                                                   – Greg Thorson, 3CInteractive


The point here is to find a company that knows mobile marketing, strategy and technology better than anyone else. You don’t want a company that’s just a reseller of another knock-off service. Additionally, make sure the mobile company has a robust customer centric service team to help when you need it.

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Scott MacFarland


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