I think the Baby Boomer generation gets a bad rap about being laggards when it comes to technology usage. When I visit local coffee shops here in the Boston area, I see a lot of them using tablets, smartphones and laptops. It appears from my perspective the Boomers are engaging in today’s technology and media more than we give them credit.

Are Boomers really Technology-Averse?

I don’t think so. One of the reasons for my thinking this is because Millennials have now passed Boomers for the largest population group in the US. Millennials are also considered the most tech and Internet savvy of all the generations. This young, intelligent, tech-savvy group of individuals gets all the attention when it comes to today’s Internet and social sphere statistics. The Boomers are left in the dust with the label “not tech-savvy,” or “behind the times” when it comes to Internet and social.

Think again.

I know Millennials are the 800Lb gorilla in the room now, but I thought some facts should be brought to the forefront to let people know Boomers are a lot more tech and Internet savvy than you thought.

Adults 50+ are the fastest growing demographic on the Internet

– According to Koeppeldirect

  • 80% of All Adult Internet Users are 47-56
  • 58% of All Adult Internet Users are 66-74
  • 50%+ of All Adult Internet Users are 65+
  • 31% of All Adult Internet Users are 75+

50% of All Adult Internet Users Ages 50-64 Use Social Media

– According to Koeppeldirect

In order to make our case a little more convincing, check out these statistics about Baby Boomers.  – According to MarketingProfs

  • 83% Go to the Internet First To Learn About A Topic Of Interest
  • 71% Of Boomers Use Social Media
  • 63% Watch Online Videos To Be Entertained
  • Baby Boomers Spend More Time Per Week On The Internet than Any Other Medium

Thanks to the Boomers, many of us either work for a boss that is a Boomer or even are employed by the owner of a small company or start-up… bootstrapped and owned by a Baby Boomer. Maybe instead of tossing them aside and labeling them as laggards when it comes to technology, Internet and social media, we should say “thank you.”

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