Marketing professionals know that telling the brand story can be incredibly powerful. We also know that we must tell it in compelling ways to capture the audience’s attention. I know this is common practice with brands and many practitioners understand the value of this concept. Here are a few tips that may help those responsible for telling the brand story. These should help to give your story more visibility, shareablity and also help make it resonate with the audience even more. Think about these three things before you start writing.

  • Story Angle / Perspective: Just like journalists on television, try to think about a story angle that will resonate with your audience. If you know them well enough you will be able to figure this out relatively easily. My suggestion is to think about what motivates them to want to buy your product? Then develop your story with that in mind.
  • Where do you want the reader to go after they finish reading your article? This question is designed to get you to think about the customer path. When your reader is done with your article, what is the action you want them to take and where does that action lead? Does is take them to your website landing page? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? – Think about the end result of what you want them to do and lead them down a path that gets them there.
  • Does your story refer to your brand or product? Sometimes your story can weave in the brand and/or the product in such a way that it does not come across as a sales pitch. Think about ways to do this so that you article is directing more readers to the brand or product in a natural and subtle way. This approach is a subliminal selling message that educates the customer and helps to provide a solution without beating them over the head and telling them to buy.

If you got this far in the article and realized that you need some extra help to get your ideas off the ground, you came to the right place. When I started writing content marketing articles and blogs I needed assistance with ideas to write about, proofreading, how to create a good headline, a graphical boost as well as a way to integrate infographics and photos. Great content is not just about the story; it also has visuals and supportive elements that make it great! Check out the resources below. All of them are incredible and will help your content go from good to great!

6 Blogging Resource Tools To Make Your Life Easier

HubSpot Topic Generator

Hemingway App           

Headline Analyzer       

Canva (Design)              

UnSplash (Photos)      

Piktochart (Infographics)

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