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When non-marketers talk about a brand, they mostly only talk about the logo, the advertising and all the fun, cool, visual stuff that makes a business look exciting. That’s all correct. But, there are also many other critical components that shape and surround your brand. In this eBook, you will learn about many variations of your brand and how to recognize them and even work through them for better decision-making. From when to make critical changes in operations, product offerings and digital, to understanding when to put your foot on the gas to accelerate for business growth. If you don’t know exactly what the current status is for your brand when attempting to make changes, you very well could cause irreparable harm.

You can also view this eBook on Slideshare.

Scott MacFarland is a career marketer with a passion for connecting business results with great marketing …especially digital. is a digital content marketing and strategy consultancy solving difficult challenges surrounding digital and content. Let us know how we can help you.

Scott MacFarland – Chief Content Marketer, Digital Strategist

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