As a kid, I loved to get my creative thoughts out through drawing. I wasn’t an incredible artist, but I could tell a story through colors, shapes and drawing what was on my mind. I didn’t know this at the time, but this “fun” as I called it back then was really my way of communicating my own personality through imagery. It was probably an overflow of what was filtering through my brain as a young kid.

Now that I am much older, my storytelling ability has matured, and the tools I use are no longer crayons, markers, pencils and chalk. Now I have tons of mobile, cloud and desktop applications that allow me as a marketer to tell a brand story and bring it to life. As a life long marketer and storyteller, my own creative personality as well as the brand or product personality must come to life or else I have failed in my job.

What Are Your Personal Strengths?

As a kid, drawing was one of my favorite things to do along with riding my bike and playing sports. I was an “outside the box” kid who wasn’t labeled a creative person until I was much older. One of my strengths was definitely the ability to adjust and react to change and situational circumstances in my life. This helped me later on in life as a marketer to see beyond the ordinary and to add creativity to a brand or campaign through words, pictures, video, sound or any other tactics that added creative flair and personality.

Look At What Other Brands Are Doing

I really enjoy dissecting brand messages and tactics to figure out “what are they really trying to say?” and “Did they do a good job of reaching me the customer?” Even though all brands are not targeting me as their customer, analyzing their final marketing is a great way to learn more about how companies’ marketing messages are telling a story and also if a personality is evident.

EXAMPLE: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Here’s an example of how Microsoft is using the personality of a millennial professional to get the story across for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – brilliant!

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The lesson here is to tap into your personality’s strengths and use them to be a better marketer. Also, learn about how brands are creating their own personality and telling a powerful story through the personality that is created through their campaign. In this case, using video to get their message across in a powerful way.


When you are able to combine your own strengths with the ability to craft a powerful brand story, you will be well on your way to marketing well beyond your expectations.

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