Clearly, digital video content produced by marketing departments and watched by consumers has changed the landscape of how to tell an effective story, what to say and where to say it. Gone are the days when consumers turn exclusively to TV or even their desktop computer to watch. With mobile device usage skyrocketing and video views climbing as well, brands must keep pace with yet another digital change and it’s happening right in front of our eyes. Consumers are driving change and brands must follow. If you’re in marketing, do you have video as part of your digital strategy?

“If a picture paints 1,000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million” – Forrester’s researchers.

  • 93% of people who use a mobile device for research go on to make a purchase.  (Source: Google/Nielsen)
  • 83% of moms search for answers to their questions online. (Source: ThinkwithGoogle)
  • 65% of campaigns see a significant lift in brand interest after viewers watch their TrueView ad. (Source: Google Data 2015)

Over the next few years, Internet video traffic is predicted to sharply increase according to Cisco. What does this mean for brands? It means, if they are not using video, they better get started now, and if they are already using video, your strategy most likely needs to change to fit the digital video culture we now live in.

[VIDEO] Here’s an example of how CAT is doing it, one block at a time. This is very cool!CAT








Video Credit: CAT

What are some of the key takeaways for marketers that want to start using digital video effectively to drive revenue?

That’s a tough question, one that nearly every marketer wants to know. There is no one silver bullet answer, but there are real life examples that support ways to use video to reach your customers effectively. How does content marketing fit into all of this? Since it is also a hot topic nowadays in just about every marketing meeting worldwide. Is there a connection between good video and good content marketing? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding yes.

Get Started With Video And Ask Questions First

Video is a lot more than buying a video camera, microphone and software. Whoa… if that’s your perception, you’re in for a reality check. However, those will be needed, so don’t toss them aside. Marketers, think before you push the record button. Start with developing a relationship with your customer using your video. Don’t speak at them, communicate with them in a topic/genre that resonates with who they are and what their motivations are. A perfect example is with Moms. ThinkwithGoogle has some pretty compelling data that supports video is clearly a good choice. Also, think about the engagement factor with your customer. Behavioral characteristics of your personas plays a huge role in this. A few questions you need to answer before you turn on the camera are: What style of video should you produce? For what reason? How long will it be? Does it have a vertical orientation or a horizontal? High production value or consumer production value? Are you talking to the customer in a personalized approach or is it more branded and official in nature? How will you expose your video to the people that are most important to you? In what was will you interact and engage with your customers using the video as well as capture data that supports your video strategy is working? These are just a few questions to ask to help get you started.

Video Moments

Additionally, because consumers want to educate themselves before they buy, this means your video content needs to play into that consumer behavior. As ThinkwithGoogle states, the “I want to buy moments”, are critical for brands to understand, because consumers clearly already have that mindset with smartphones being their personal shopping assistant 24×7.


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