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Innovation comes in many forms and variations. Some people think about innovation as a new product or device the world needs. Others may say it is something that has never been produced before. I also think there are creative types like me that believe innovation can also come in the form of just thinking different, experimenting in your mind and on paper. This process can create fresh ideas that fit into a new, intuitive process. What does that process do? Well, ultimately, it generates a new revenue stream, reduces costs or maybe even cerates a new service offering that helps to expand your company and allow it to emerge as a leader in a particular area. Of course, all of this I believe does require technology, either existing or new. Either way, it must be integrated into the fresh idea to bring it to life.

Innovation Begins With The Employee

Here’s my point, innovation is not any one thing, process or even cool, new technology. Innovation can however transcend time, space, employees, yes, even technology and thinking – it could be a combination of fresh ideas born out of a desire to come up with something new.

I believe the concept of innovation begins with the employee being willing to think far outside what is considered normal for the company. They must also be able to package and present their new idea in such a way that the leaders in the company hear, understand and champion it. Create a presentation that reveals a problem, shows how your idea will solve the problem and also show an estimated cost that it will take to launch the idea. Believe it or not, sometimes these types of ideas can be an internal product or service launch that can be accomplished with internal resources. These are some of my favorite ideas because it means the idea is re-monetizing assets and using them in a different way. I know it sounds crazy, but it does happen. I like to call it smart business.

Pitch and Sell Your Idea With Inspiration

If you’re reading this blog and are thinking that you are the one who comes up with many good ideas that never get launched. You may want to rethink your process of how you pitch and sell the idea to your superiors. Chances are your pitch and presentation is too rushed, too long, and maybe doesn’t provide enough detailed information to convince anyone but you that it’s worthy of pursuing. In order to convince others, you need to really inspire them to listen first, then by explaining succinctly and in detail what your idea is and why it will be great.

Let’s say your company has a handpicked think tank to derive new ideas and come up with strategies to discern which projects have risen to the top as the best ones to begin actual work on. Besides the handpicked think tank, open up the new idea process to the company employees and see what you get for feedback. You just might be surprised at what comments emerge. Sometimes unlikely people in unlikely departments have fantastic ideas that can energize your innovation strategy and even make your next innovative project idea a huge success. And all you did was ask them their opinion.

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