How many times have you thought as the director of an incredibly busy marketing department, “We need to measure our marketing efforts more than what we are doing now.” Many marketers want to measure so they can see what’s working and what’s not, but they are under intense pressure to deliver content quickly on a variety of channels. In today’s digitally crazed world, marketers are wearing many hats. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. If you have a marketing team that’s able to step into pretty much any type of project, congratulations! However, now it’s time to add another skillset to their repertoire. Measurement.


When putting your measurement program in place, start by deciding on how frequently you’ll collect your data. A good schedule to start with is measuring marketing effectiveness on a monthly basis.”               – Content Marketing Institute


Marketers really have a difficult time showing their value when it comes to measuring the worth of their team’s content. How do you know what content you’re producing is working and what isn’t? The development of content marketing has taken hold of every company around the world. Marketers need to find a balance between spending time on content development and taking time to measure efficacy. My suggestion is to cut back by 10% on the content production and fill that time with developing strategies and tactics on what to measure? How to measure? How frequent to measure? And lastly, what data do you really need so your team can benefit from having that information? One of the difficulties of collecting data is figuring out where to continually keep all that data in one place so that it is easily accessible by the marketing team.

The challenging question is… What’s more important? It all depends on your overall goals as a department. Do you want to create extensive reach with your content? Or do you want to generate qualified leads? Hmm… or do you want both?  This question can only be answered by you.

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Scott MacFarland


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