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Have you ever wondered what the value of your content marketing really is? I mean… seriously. If you’re a marketer, this is part of your daily thinking process, or at least it should be. How does content marketing efficacy factor into your strategy, execution, measurement, production, distribution, social, mobile, conversion, ROI and customers? Wow, that’s a long list, and that is just the beginning.

If you are like me, you want to produce killer content that works 100% of the time. You also want it to work exactly as you expected it to. Whether it’s for the top of the funnel to generate awareness, the middle to convert the customer or even to help retain existing customers. Regardless of what your content is designed to do, it’s important, that’s why you are creating it.

Here Are 10 Questions I Think About Before I Create Content:

  1. What persona are you targeting with your content?
  2. What is the key message I want to use to attract them?
  3. What keywords and phrases can I use?
  4. What part of the buyer’s journey will my content be used? (Awareness – Top of funnel, Consideration – Middle of funnel, Decision – Bottom of funnel)
  1. What am I offering to my customer to get them to take action: (eBook, whitepaper, video, podcast, mobile coupon, case study, trial offer, live demonstration to name a few)
  1. What is the customer path I want them to take?
  2. What website landing page will be used and what content on the page will be most effective to engage the customer?
  3. What is the call-to-action that will be used to compel the customer to act?
  4. How can social media drive consumer engagement and be an effective distribution channel?

10.Lastly, think about how you will measure the efficacy of your content and what trends are important to track?

Regardless of the content we are creating, all of it has tremendous value and purpose unless we do not give it the time and attention it deserves.

My suggestion is to create a short list of questions like the ones above that you memorize and filter into your thinking as you plan, create, publish and distribute each day. Without these, it’s almost certain your idea for producing content will not be as good as you think it is. To learn more about content marketing tips and how you can approach it for success, here are three eBooks listed below that will provide insight and helpful tips for your marketing team to come up with bright ideas and launch them without an hitch.

[eBook] – Why Is Content Marketing Critical For A Healthy Business?

[eBook] – How Content Leads To Customers

[eBook] – 7 Helpful Tips For Content Marketers

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Scott MacFarland


Linkedin | Huffington Post | Twitter: @scmacfarland


Photo Credit: UnSplash – Simon Bray


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