Imagine it’s 2005. Let’s say you are the director of a marketing department and you were sitting at your desk trying to think about the future of where your marketing could be in 10 years. The time has gotten away from you and it’s been a challenging day full of brainstorming meetings, deadlines and heavy production. Worse, your computer crashed, thus your files aren’t right at your fingertips any longer. You are clearly at a stand still and you put your head on your desk in utter frustration. You fall asleep and awaken in 2015. Feeling groggy, you stand-up, begin to walk around the office and notice many things are not the same. It feels like a dream, but something tells you it’s not, reality is here.

Here are 18 questions that tell you reality is upon you.

  • Why does everyone have their face buried in their hand held devices?
  • How come my staff aren’t drawing storyboards on paper?
  • Why are my employees working from home and not sitting at their desks? What? They’re working virtual and collaborating with live video across multiple time zones.
  • Where did the company notepads go?
  • What are these app things? Are we eating appetizers at work now?
  • I see that word of mouth doesn’t come from a real voice any more – what’s up with that?
  • We used to have vines growing on the wall of the building, but now it’s on everyone’s phone, how did that happen?
  • Why is social networking not when people talk to each other in person?
  • Our video production team is talking about overlays, hyperlapse and drones – what in the world does this all mean?
  • Why are my staff more concerned with data than our creative?
  • How did the IT guy end up in my department?
  • Why is everyone looking at dashboards, not storyboards?
  • I thought the cloud meant it was probably going to rain. Why does my department have to think about cloud storage?
  • Some people are wearing weird gadgets on their ears. They say it’s called Bluetooth, but it looks more like a black ear-cover-thing. Have we all gone deaf?
  • How did my customers get to be more powerful than my marketing department?
  • Why do we care about gamification?
  • I feel out of touch. What do these mean? (apps, conversion path, big data, API, responsive, iPad, Bitcoin, crowdfunding, hashtag, Instagram, Google Glasses, MOOC)
  • It looks like our sales team isn’t making cold calls any longer and our pipeline is full – how did that happen? is designed to look at digital with an eye into the future using a creative, innovative marketing perspective. We’re a consultative and tactical resource for companies looking to leverage the power of digital, social and content marketing strategies.

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