I love data. It’s like the secret sauce for making good marketing, great. But, I really don’t like diving into dashboards if you know what I mean… Ugh, they are sooo boring.

Can you imagine trying to do your marketing without knowing any information about your customers? Yikes… That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Typically, this juicy information comes from a variety of sources, and it’s not all easily accessible, as you probably know. In my experience, I have to reach out to at least 3-4 people and ask very specific questions to clarify exactly what I want for data. Usually this takes several emails back and forth, several days, and a lot of begging on my part. Then I have to dig around through several dashboards to compile the data from other online sources. Lastly, I have to weed-though the information from both spreadsheets and dashboards so that I can translate whatever I find to be meaningful and accurate. How many of you have this same dilemma?


I have an idea. I have been thinking about some of the up-to-date numbers I would love to have instantly appear on my desktop or mobile device. Oh, and I want it to continually update throughout the day in real time and in the form of an info graphic. Can you imagine if marketers had the power to obtain this kind of data? I don’t think big data is ready for this yet, but we’re headed in this direction, and it’s not too far off.

Infographic Data Modules

Here is my top list of data modules I want to appear in info graphic form on my desktop and/or mobile device.

  • How many of my exact personas are on your website now andwhich personas are they?
  • What format and type of competitive content have my prospects consumed before coming to my website?
  • Which competitor’s website did they visit most recently?
  • % Of prospects who are ready to buy now but have not been contacted by our company yet?
  • % Of prospects on my social media channels who are ready to buy today?
  • Number of prospects on our website who need more in-depth information so that they can make the buying decision today?
  • % Of prospects who need more information on why our product is best for them?
  • How many of our exact personas are on our website now and ready to make a buying decision today?
  • What new persona can be identified from website visitors that we have not identified yet?
  • What social media channel is thought of as a trusted source of information by the people on my website right now?

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