When I started my career, the measurement timeframe for business trends was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-20 years. It took that long before new ideas could be implemented and business cultures changed. Well folks that ship has sailed. Those of us who are more seasoned in our career have already experienced those long trending periods. We are still influencers in our career now, but realize a massive paradigm shift has occurred and it’s still changing.

Today’s business is not what it was even three years ago. Social media, mobile and predictive technologies have surfaced and gained more muscle, respect and validity then ever before. The once tried and true concept of a 40 page business plan is, dare I say, so outdated and not relevant anymore. Sorry business schools, no disrespect, I just don’t buy it. With technology the way it is now, staying ahead of the curve and the competition is easier than ever. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity. 

Unique Business Perspectives And Ideas

As I continue to read blogs and social posts of people stating their horror stories about companies that are not equipped at the top, this concerns me. I wonder, how and why is this happening when today’s technologies allow instant information flow and unique business perspectives of innovation and ideas. Nearly every company, consultant and journalist researches and talks about what’s happening, how it’s happening and what’s next on the horizon? Cool, new ideas are so easy to find. It’s almost like you can obtain an MBA just by immersing yourself in online groups, workshops, reading blogs, case studies and social media posts.

This immersion is incredibly valuable because every professional can obtain insight from many perspectives and industries all while hearing incredibly detailed information about “this is how we did it.” This was not possible 10-20 years ago.

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